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Matthew 2:1-12 Wise Men with Savannah O’Gwynn

Hello, friends!

Savannah O’Gwynn here today sharing my latest bible journaling page! It’s simple but the message is powerful!

I just returned from a weekend trip to Chicago to visit with and celebrate my best friend’s birthday. While in Chicago, we attended one of my favorite churches, Harvest Bible Chapel– Chicago Cathedral! The message was by James MacDonald (you’ve heard me talk about him before!!!) and the series is titled King Forever.


I used the SSC Offset Alphas and the sermon insert/giving envelop, as well as a die cut Vertical Church symbol, as part of this simple design.



I love how James MacDonald breaks the Word down and shares the Truth! Sunday was the second week of this new series with the title We Give to Kings. I’ve heard the quote “Wise Men Still Seek Him” before. However, when it was used in the sermon, it hit me hard. Seeking Him ALWAYS {which is also connected to Matthew 6:33}. To be honest, I rarely seek Him because of a thousand excuses that usually boil down to my laziness and lack of thought/care. Yet when I do seek Him, that’s when I become wise! Oh how I want to be wise!!! I don’t want to seek Him just when I’m in trouble, or floundering and asking questions of “Now what?“; I want to seek Him at ALL times.

The wise men (not just 3 and not kings as stated in some of the holiday song lyrics) came FAR to find the King! They recognized the King and gave from their heart (v. 9-10). They could have been upset when seeing that the King was a child! Yet, their response as recorded in v. 10 is of rejoicing- overflowing with joy. They worshiped him and gave their gifts. WOW! That’s what wise (wo)men do… they seek the King ALWAYS, giving from their heart, and worshiping Him. I want to be WISE!!!


I also love love love the last part of James MacDonald‘s sermon. He was talking about how it’s natural to want to give a gift when given a gift. The greatest gift given to us is Jesus Christ. To appear before the King (in Heaven… and actually here on earth too) without a gift would be embarrassing. It’s not that King Jesus needs “things” or anything at all… actually, all God wants is our heart/full devotion. This is when James MacDonald brought up The Little Drummer Boy lyrics and song. **NOTE: this song always makes me cry! And now it makes me cry even harder because of what was shared on Sunday—the last couple of lines talk about how the boy didn’t have anything to give but his drum playing. And when he played, the baby (the King) smiled at him. God is pleased when we give Him everything we have, all of our heart, doing our best for Him. My heart is overwhelmed with the thought of Jesus smiling at me with nothing to give but my best! That makes me cry (tears of joy)!



I hope that you will check out this sermon series and James MacDonald! I have learned so much from his preaching and church— I **HIGHLY** recommend everything he’s written and all of his sermons! Once you check him out, use your SSC Offset Alphas to create some bible journaling pages! And don’t forget to let me know so I can come check it out and leave you some love!

Thanks so much for stopping by today!

Many blessings, Sav

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I used the following supplies for this page:

Sonshine stamps: Offset Alphas

Ink: Imagine Crafts VersaFine Onyx Black, Brilliance Crimson Copper

Other: Target 2017 silver washi tape; inserts and papers from Harvest Bible Chapel– Chicago Cathedral



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