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You Set Me Secure

You guys! Can I just share about how excited I am that Sonshine Stamp Co offers PRINTABLES now?!

I’m over the moon! For a long time printables were the bane of my existence – I couldn’t figure out how best to use them. I was a creature of habit and liked to stick to watercolor and lettering ONLY. But then, all over the internet, the Bible journaling community started sharing about using clear printable label paper with their printables and I. Was. Hooked.

It’s amazing. I love using clear label paper because it’s transparent, so any printable you add into your Bible can sit on top of the words and they will still be legible! And the matte consistency of the paper makes it so that it blends so smoothly onto the page – you’ll have no idea where the page ends and the printable begins!

Okay, enough on my love for printables + clear label paper and onto my page I’ve created today:

This page was created using watercolors and the new Watercolor Advent printable set from Sonshine!

First, I staged out where I wanted my printables to go, before adding anything permanently to the page:

(If you look closely you can see the backside of the label paper – I accidentally printed on the wrong side of the label paper the first time around 🙄)

I then added all the watercolor to the page before I added the printables so I wouldn’t have to worry about the sticker paper getting wet.

I finished by adding the stickers (very carefully) and then completed the page with some lettering!

I love how this page turned out and I’m excited to use more of these printables in the future!

For more bible journaling and hand lettering you can find me on Instagram @nickicreates

Hope you guys have an amazing weekend!

– Nicki


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