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Tune My Heart {1 Samuel 7:12} with Savannah O’Gwynn

SSC10.10-TuneMyHeart1Hello, friends! Savannah O’Gwynn here today sharing another page that I created about worship. **Click HERE to read just a bit about how I’m a worship leader, wanting to be gripped by the greatness of God in worship. Click HERE to read the blog post that inspired my page and thoughts about tuning my heart. 

Fact: many people are late to church (due to various reasons that we call “life”).

Fact: When worship starts many of us are NOT ready to worship. We are not ready because we are late/”life”… AND because our hearts have wandered.

SAVfact: As a worship leader (and leader on our church’s worship team), I might not be ready to worship when church starts either. My heart wanders just like every one else’s!


Random SAVfact: I didn’t like hymns until recently. I didn’t know the tune or rhythm of the songs. But then many Christian artists started adding hymns to modern songs… LOVE LOVE LOVE! I love the beat and melody… but I love the lyrics of the hymns most of all! WOW! Such truth in hymns! Who knew!?

When I read THIS blog post about Tuning My Heart, it hit me hard! I resonated with what was shared because 1. I’m musically inclined 2. I love they way Nathan Tasker sings this hymn 3. Oh how my heart needs to be retuned.

I loved how the post said, “Weekly worship calls us back into a story with the emotional highs/lows of sin and salvation. We need to recalibrate.” My heart is out of tune because in between services (Sunday to Sunday) I get distracted… I sin… I follow the world… I find other things to occupy my time than quiet time with God… I become more self-centered. The list could go on and on! My heart falls out of tune with the one whom it belongs to. SSC10.10-TuneMyHeart3

“When we come back to worship, and the Holy Spirit begins to strum the strings of our heart, we hear dissonance.” OUCH! It’s sooooooo true! I want to worship the Lord in spirit and truth, being genuine in my adoration and being gripped by the greatness of God while I sing! I can’t do this if my heart clashes with the notes/song/Holy Spirit!

Funny story that also goes with this post/etc: I have a Fine Arts minor, which means in college I took many music classes including chorus, harp lessons for 3 years, and a guitar course. In my guitar class [which I still cannot play], I could NEVER hear when my instrument was out of tune. My professor always had to retune it for me. I need God to retune my heart as well! This is part of the prayer I shared in the margin of this page.


Another funny story about this page: I stamped “praise” because that’s what I thought the lyrics were. “Tune my heart to sing thy praise”. Uh…. nope!🤦🏼‍♀️ That’s why I had to write the real lyrics in parentheses under my stamped image! LOL😜

I also wasn’t sure where I wanted to put this design because I didn’t know what bible verse inspired the author of this song. Come to find out, it was written by Pastor Robert Robinson, age 22, in 1757, based on 1 Samuel 7:12 and God’s divine grace.


This page came together fairly quickly- I painted the page, layered some papers that I had stitched together, added a washi hinge, stamped my sentiment and wrote out my prayer, and then added glossy accents to the heart. I love how this page turned out! Simple with a lot of waiting time for paint and glossy accents to dry! LOL!

I hope that you are encouraged by my page! I pray that you will journal or create a page about these lyrics from this hymn or from another! Maybe you will begin enjoying hymns MORE just like me 😀

I pray you will join me as we retune our hearts before we head to worship this Sunday!

Thanks so much for stopping by today!

Many blessings, Sav


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I used the following supplies for this page:

Sonshine stamps: Jesus is my Jam, Retro, You are Loved, Just My Type, Script Dates, Planner Basics

Imagine inks: VersaFine Onyx Black, Clear Pico Embellisher

Paper: Recollections Doodles Jam Session 12×12; random other papers

NeoColor II crayons

Other: sewing machine, white thread, glossy accents, gold paper clip, kleenex box (how I made the guitar paper clip), music washi tape



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