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God’s Names/Characteristics/Attributes [part3] with Savannah O’Gwynn


Hello, friends! Savannah O’Gwynn here today! I’m sharing part 3 of my mini series, God’s Names/Characteristics/Attributes. You can check out my previous posts HERE and HERE.

My small group is finishing up Gripped by the Greatness of God by James MacDonald this week, and this is where I’ve been finding the names or characteristics I’ve wanted to journal in my Bible. The first one is about how God is worthy of praise- being gripped by the worship of God. WOW! As a worship leader, I try to tune my heart to be pure in honest adoration as I lead each week. It’s hard because I’m worried about clicks/loops, lyrics, what the band is playing, and if I will remember to come in on time. For too long I was focused on myself for worship, for this I am deeply saddened. That’s why I try my best to focus on Jesus, not being a distraction but lifting high the name of Jesus and ushering others into His presence. This chapter reminded me of what worship is really like. And to be honest, I really think when we get to Heaven… worship will be something TOTALLY different and amazing!




This week our pastor mentioned in a new series, about our church’s vision titled From Being To Making [HERE], that God is worthy of ALL praise. Every soul should worship Christ. WOW! I want to be gripped by the worship of God as I sing to Him and as I live for Him.


*NOTE: The washi tape is from the back side journaling! It was one of my first designs- LOL! I normally just swipe paint, stamp, and date my entries for this mini series. 

The last chapter of this book is all about being gripped by my identity in God. This is even harder for me! My past is full of lies, mean names spoken over me, abuse, etc. Even though I know Jesus is my Savior, that I’m a co-heir with Christ, that I’m loved beyond what I can comprehend… it’s still hard for me to override the lies that have been imprinted on my heart. I have believed the lies for so long that it’s almost weird to think differently! I really want to work believing my identity is in Christ and not in what others have said about me or told me. God IS my identity. I am His!


Another way I’m going to tackle this struggle (which I think God has been moving me towards for about 2 years!) is to read the book Lies Women Believe: And the Truth That Sets Them Free by Nancy DeMoss Wolgomuth. I think that once I’m set free from these lies then I will be able to tackle the other struggles I have had with food addiction/etc. The root of my struggles comes down to my identity in Christ. Do I truly believe I am His?! SSC10.2A

I hope that you have enjoyed my mini series of Bible journaling some of God’s names/characteristics/attributes. I don’t think this is the end of this series! LOL! I also hope that you’ve started to journal your own set— please share so I can add them to my Bible too!

Thanks for stopping by! Many blessings ❤ Sav

ps… ONE more thing! Remember THIS post where I created an organized list of boxes from my studio for our move in July?!?!?!


UPDATE: I’ve unpacked ALL of my moving boxes because my studio cabinets have been installed! HOOOOOORAY! I cannot wait to share with you the reveal (which is on October 4th on the CardMaker blog)!!! I’m blessed beyond what I deserve! I pray that I will use this room to minister and share God’s love through crafts and gatherings! Father, let all that I create and do in this room be for YOUR glory! ❤ 

Here’s a sneak peek of my desktop! DSC_5888

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Supplies used include:

Sonshine Stamp Co: Just My Type, You Are Loved, Names of God, Social Check It

Ink: Imagine Crafts VersaFine Onyx Black

Other: Pebeo blue paint


5 thoughts on “God’s Names/Characteristics/Attributes [part3] with Savannah O’Gwynn”

  1. I can relate to this post in so many ways! 1. For SO long God would tell me to just be free in worship and I would be too worried about everyone else watching me to do what HE was calling me to do….or to simply focus on Him during that time. Now I am happy to say I have gotten much better, but I still wonder what people are thinking of me with my hands raised or bowing on the floor. I so wish I didn’t care as much as I try to let on that I don’t. God grip me with your mighty hand. Captivate my heart so that I am completely focused on You!

    2. Identity is probably my biggest struggle in life. I know God loves me, but like you said…there have been lies embedded in my heart that definitely bleed all over my relationship with God and my perception of His love for me. I thank God for His patience with me and his faithfulness to never leave me or forsake me.

    Thanks for another beautiful and refreshing post Savannah!


    1. Thanks for your sweet comment, Amber! I’m so glad you were touched by my post and pages. I will be praying for you and me as we walk closer to the Lord and find our identity in Him, and that we would worship without holding back because He is worth all praise! ❤


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